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It is said that the first step in curing
an addiction, is to recognize it, then
admit there is a problem.

I guess I have made it to step 0.5, as
I recognize I am a collecting addict,
but I am not ready to admit there is a problem.

Seriously though, I am new to web
page building, so this will be a work
in progress.

My main focus will be on Basketball Memorabilia & Cards, and in the
future I will be adding a Music category, as I am always looking to expand my Music catalogue as well.

I have been online sportscard trading with the same id since 1994, and have completed over 1400 successful transactions.

My eBay user id is card-marc, and currently have a feedback rating of
over 400.


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Lets get ready to Rumblllllee!!!!











Game Used, Autos, etc.
Tradelist A - B
Tradelist C - F
Tradelist G - I
Tradelist J - M
Tradelist N - R
Tradelist S - T
Tradelist U - Z
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